New Modal Frame not showing body

I have a modal with a form in a module that works perfectly when previewing the released version. I am able to interact with the components as expected.

However, when adding the module to an app the modal body does not display at all, meaning I cannot see or interact with any of the added components. I have tried deleting the components and re-adding them, and have made sure all apps/modules are on the latest Retool version when published, but nothing seems to work.

This is what the frame should look like:

and this is what it looks like in an app:

I noticed the same thing with the drawers, so I assume it's a bug for all module frames excluding Main

Hi Jaydon, thanks for reporting -- I'm looking into this and will update when we have a fix out!

Any fix on this - been seeing this a lot on 3.22.6 self hosted.

Hi there! The fix should be out on Cloud. I believe it'll go out to self hosted on 3.32

Saw the issue got resolved - upgraded to 3.28.3 which has the fix for the behavior :+1:

ah sorry about the misinformation! Thanks!