Need help with report scheduler

Hi All,

I am new to retool and have built an app which generated a dash querying the postgres database. I have multiple clients using the web app. I want to add a report scheduler that can take dashboard screenshots and email them to the clients based on the schedule they select. I found posts where we can do it vi external apis and also read about the utils available in retool. Please guide me on how to do this.

Hello @Raghav_Shaligram1!

Interesting use case, I have not implemented such a feature but I found a third party API that might work for scheduling screenshots of your app.

Unfortunately Retool does not have any components or features similar to what you described, you will have to see if anyone else from the community has done something similar in the forums or do some coding yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like Urlbox might be able to help you. I would recommend reading their docs to see how to implement it.

My guess would be that you might need a custom component where you can add in your code for URL Box. You can read about how to do that here on our docs!