My retool application doesn't load graphs

I have been using retool for quite some time - have not touched a single piece of source code in over a year. Debug shows no defects. The data comes from redis. Currently, the charts don't show any data?

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@Michael_Kelly Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

If your Retool charts aren't displaying any data, there are a few things you should troubleshoot:

  1. Check Data Source: Ensure your Redis database is actively storing the data you expect and is reachable by Retool.
  2. Check Query Output: In Retool, check the output of your Redis query. Is it returning the records you expect?
  3. Inspect Query: Check if there are any changes in the Redis data structure or naming conventions in past year that might be causing the issue. Retool won't show errors if your queries run successfully but with incorrect or unexpected data.
  4. Check Chart Configuration: Sometimes, chart configuration might be the problem. Check if the chart is set to visualize data from the correct query and fields.
    These might help you pinpoint why does the chart does not show any data.

Thanks for responding. I haven't touched the source code in over a year so will just show one graph not working - although over 20 graphs are not working.

  1. Check data source - Data is outputting even under data source
  • ADV:55535
  • ATR:0.06
  • Close:1.62
  • Volume:96900
  • industry:"Computer Software: Prepackaged Software"
  • insert_date:"2024-05-04"
  • market_cap:"Micro-Cap"
  • optionable:1
  • product:"Equity"
  • sector:"Technology"
  • security_name:"Xunlei Limited American Depositary Shares"
  • sentiment:"4"
  • symbol:"XNET"
  1. Check query output - See above

  2. Inspect Query - even on the day source under the graph it is showing data

  3. Chart configuration is similar to other charts that work...