Multipart/form-data and File resource


I'm trying to use the OpenAI Whisper API in Retool without success.

I tested first on Postman and it works as espected.

The endpoint requires the multipart/form-data Content-Type and a couple of form parameters, the model and the file.

Here the Postman screenshot:

Here the equivalent Retool attempt:

In Retool, OpenAI returns an parsing error.
I tried to pass as file value the fileInput.value[0] as well as the fileInput.value[0].base64Data with no success.

Any hints?

Found out the solution.

The issues was the Content-Type header put explicitly by me (since it was required by OpenAI spec).
Retool adds it also when there's a File in the body.
Probably a conflict. By removing it, make it work perfectly.

Learned from this thread: