Multi-selecting map points; changing pin color if selected


I need to be able to select multiple points on a mapbox at the same time (i.e, pin color should be different than the rest of the points) - and by selecting each point - the respective table row should be selected as well.

this should work vice versa - when selecting multiple table rows, map pins should be selected = i.e, change their color.

I have tried working with the table events, as well as with the map features - but could not find any way to do so.

any help would be much appreciated!

(see screenshot - hope this helps...)

Hello :slight_smile: bumping this up. I winder if it's even possible.
thank you!

Hi @ronasilb :wave:,

Unfortunately this is not supported at this time. A lot of other developers have reported using a custom component for more complicated use-cases since our built-in component has limited functionality.