MongoDB Write Resource is not working

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to set up a new mongo resource for writing queries.
I choose the write connection option:

The connection test works and everything looks ok.
However, when Im trying to use the resource in a query I get an empty tables dropdown along with the knex error - Required configuration option 'client' is missing:

I know someone has already faced this issue but they solved it converting it to read connection, but in my case I need the write connection because I need to use the mongoDB UI.

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I'm also facing the same issue, tried with azure cosmosdb for mongo and mongo official in both read works fine, write I'm facing an issue

The exact error is below:

@victoria Help needed

Hey, I've changed the connection type to read and it works.

Previously changing the connection type to read won't allowing to use the mongoDB GUI - might be some issue on retool side, but later on I've contacted the support and then after a few hours, I tried again changing the connection type to read and it worked and I'm able to use the mongoDB GUI along with updating the records.