[MongoDB] parsing json error

the query passes the json validation highlighting, but when i run it, it gives an error: "the value given must be valid json"

i'm pretty sure my query is formed correctly so my guess would be that the retool engine is breaking it somewhere, since it looks like an extra } was inserted. but either way the discrepancy between the validation and the query output seems to be a bug. screenshot below

thanks for the help!

Hey @paolo!

Can you try adding a space between the end of your object and the end of the transformer? i.e. {... {{ dealMutedFilter.value ? false : {$ne:null} }} } and let me know if that works? The discrepancy between the validation and query does seem like an issue, but curious if this will at least get you going.

Hey @paolo! Just wanted to double check here. Did Kabirdas' suggestion work for you here or are you still blocked?

i found a workaround. just wanted to call this out as a potential bug i found with this product. thanks for the help!

Got it, thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face: We'll post back here when there's a fix!