Module data is overwritten if not updated

We have an app that includes 2 different modules of data. The data is updated correctly when making a selecting from the selection table, and if you make a change in the modules and then save, they update correctly.

The problem we are having is if we do NOT update the data in the module, then save, the modules update with the data from the previous selections data. Or, if the app was reloaded and you save without updating the data in the module, it will erase all the data in the module.

Is there something we can do on our end to ensure the data is maintained correctly without having to update these module fields everytime?

Hey @jeffsasse! Happy to help here.

So ideally, you'd like any change to any field to always persist to your database, whether or not the user clicks some sort of save button?

I wonder if something like localStorage could also be helpful, if you only want to temporarily save the changes:

Let me know!