Modal Frame Blurry

We found similar issue with the the new modal blur. In our case it happens when viewing Retool app on a connected display. Checked it with few different monitors and it has same blur view.

Screenshot from external monitor:

Screenshot from Macbook screen:

Hi @MichaelT Thanks for chiming in! We're looking into some reports of modal frames showing as blurry :disappointed:. The bug seems to be related to screen resolution. If you can share the specific device you're using for the external monitor in the first screenshot, I'll pass that info along to the team that is investigating

@Tess thank you for help. Here is the monitor models that we saw the issue:
Dell U2721DE
Samsung S27H65X

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This is happening for me too. I only recently started using an external, secondary monitor. The only things that seem blurry are just within Retool — other sites and apps look normal. And these are just certain UI elements with text within a modal, like the little component name handles:

Retool blurry in modal

I'm using a 32" Roku TCL TV, 1920x1080p @ 60Hz on macOS 13.3.1 (22E261)

Retool blurry in modal - specs - TV name
Retool blurry in modal - specs - display details

I'm also confused about the modal itself: is it deprecated or not? The component docs say it is:

Retool docs - Modal

But the Add Component functionality in Edit mode says "Modal Frame [NEW]".

Retool - Modal Frame new

If I add it like that, it still says "Modal" in the triple-dot area of the Inspector, with no link to its docs, like most other components have. So I cannot tell if I'm using a deprecated component, or a new one.

Retool - Modal via Inspector

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Thank you for all of these details! :pray: Sharing them internally

Yes, I can see how that is confusing documentation. We deprecated the modal button component in favor of the new modal "frame." One reason for this change to a frame vs a component is that a lot of users were already hiding the button part of the modal and closing/opening it programmatically

Looks like you're using the non-deprecated version.

This is what the deprecated one looks like in the inspector: