Modal background behind modal and disable everything behind

Hi how can I add background behind modal and not allow user click any things behind modal disable everything

Hello @detanik, you can try new modal component.


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what version you are using the latest?

Retool Cloud 3.17.0 (latest)

I don't know where to find that type of modal

I'm using version 3.4.9

I am not sure that version has new modal component. You can use custom CSS and JS.

I can't find that in my version its any other way to do that?

@detanik you can request to have that feature turned on...what version are you on?
I am on Cloud
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 8.27.53 AM

Version 3.4.9 how to request that?

Are you on self hosted?

Hi @detanik, the new version of the Modal frame is only available for Cloud users at the moment. If you're willing to upgrade to newer on-prem versions, it'll soon be available on-prem as well -- you'll find it in the release notes when this happens. Thanks!

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What is seems you want is to basically disable the background when the modal is open. You can set all the items you want to disable by using the modal.opened parameter in the components disabled option. when the modal is opened, this evaluates to true. If you have lots of stuff to disable, you can dump it all in a container and then disable the container when the modal.opened = true.