Mobile Update Broke App

We have a mobile app that was previously working fine and now multiple lines are broken. Its not reading an array properly even though the data inside hasn't changed at all.



The data in both of these locations exists and is valid. Showing as undefined/invalid.

Additionally, one of our employees is on the previous mobile version as he didn't update and his is working as expected.

+1 my mobile buttons are non-functional, at least buttons in list collections

Console when clicking (event handler: execute script when click):

Thanks for flagging! Sorry about the disturbance, we are working on a fix and will get it out asap :slight_smile: @stevenhdsdoor as a potential workaround you might be able to reference item instead (e.g. {{ item.Complete === false }} )

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Just to close the loop here, this issue was fixed on Nov 13 and the fix was pushed to Cloud on Nov 14! I hope everyone here is unblocked, but if not, please do let us know :slight_smile:

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