Mobile - Queries automatically running even though set to 'Manual trigger'

Mobile apps time-out after a few minutes, this is fine. When the app is restarted, all queries are running automatically even though specified "Run query only when manually triggered". This defies the whole purpose of "Run query only when manually triggered". Is there another way to stop queries from running on mobile app start?

This is a huge issue that is causing seriously delays in our workflow.

App concept very simple:

  • Read open projects from table(s)
  • tech selects project they are starting work on --> data stored in separate table ("temp")
  • tech clocks out of project --> end time recorded in "temp", upon clocking out, record is manually triggered to transfer to "job_data" table and "temp" record deleted.

Rinse, repeat for daily projects.

Being a mobile app, the app times out while tech is working. Tech reopens app and all queries automatically run instead of waiting until 'clock out' is MANUALLY triggered. This obviously does not work.

In the Advanced tab, make sure that "Run script on App start?" is not ticked.

Advanced tab options already verified as unchecked.

How about using the Disable Query option to stop it from running until clocked out?

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Never messed with that option. Will give it a try...

@jebit You're my new hero. Thank you, the 'Disable Query' works.

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