Mobile: give components a fixed height or stick 'm at the bottom

In mobile:
Is there a way to give components a fixed or minimal height?
Also: is there a way put a component at the bottom of the screen?

Not currently, no. Can you share more about your use case?

I want a 3x3 grid of cells on the page. Each grid can hold an image and should act as a button (that is, respond to tap). I now have 3x3 buttons there but I would prefer them to be as high as they are wide.
Secondly, I want a toolbar at the bottom. Right now It's floating near the top.

Got it. Yeah, the Image component doesn't currently support click/press handlers and the Button component doesn't currently support a fixed aspect ratio. Stay tuned for more features in this area though!

We did just launch a "bottom sheet" feature which allows you to open a toolbar-like area, this might be similar to what you want. If you want this to be open by default you could trigger it opening with a "load" handler on one of your screens.

If this doesn't fit your use case, would love to hear more about what you're trying to build & what kind of tasks your users would be doing! I can also be emailed at braden AT retool dot com if you'd like to start an email thread.