Mobile App and|or Browser Slowness

Hi everyone, I downloaded the app on my phone (Android) using the qrcode (I also installed the ReTool app), but is it normal for it to go slow in the various operations? For example, to execute the script below it takes 20 seconds. I find the same slowness also using the browser.

console.log("Starting creating fish")
var fish = await insertFish.trigger()
console.log("Insert Fish Done")
console.log("Details Last Fish Added")

await getGalleries.trigger()
console.log("Galleries Reloaded")
var lastgalleryid = await getLastGalleriesId.trigger()
var galleryId = lastgalleryid.lastid[0]
console.log("Get Last Gallery Id Done")
console.log("Last Gallery Id: "+galleryId)

var gallery = await createFishGalleryEntity.trigger({
  additionalScope: {
    fish_scope_gallery: galleryId
console.log("Create Gallery Fish Done")
console.log("Gallery Added: ")

console.log("Galleries Reloaded")
await getGalleries.trigger()
lastgalleryid = await getLastGalleriesId.trigger()
galleryId = lastgalleryid.lastid[0]
console.log("Get Last Gallery Id: "+galleryId)

var fishId =[0]
console.log("Fish Id: "+fishId)

console.log("Photos Reloaded")
await getPhotos.trigger()

var lastphotoid = await getLastPhotosId.trigger()
var photoId = lastphotoid.lastid[0]
console.log("Get Last Photos Id: "+photoId)

await updateFishGallery.trigger({
  additionalScope: {fish_scope_gallery: galleryId, fish_scope_id: fishId}
console.log("Updating Fish Gallery Properties Done")

await createFishPhotoEntity.trigger({
    fish_scope_photo_id: photoId,
    fish_scope_gallery_id: galleryId,
await getFishes.trigger()

Hey @Cotrariello! Happy to help here.

Just to double check, are the queries you're triggering large queries (returning a lot of data)? If you run one query at a time, how does Retool perform?