Missing option onClick controlComponent to go to a component and bring it into view

Earlier there was a option when clicking a button (example to edit) and you could add an event handler to set OnClick -> ControlComponent and select a component that the page would scroll to bring it into view. I found that incredibly useful to direct attention of a user to let them know where to go but now that option is missing!! What happened to it??

I remember that and I think it disappeared in recent releases....tag this as support

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Ok. Er how do I tag this as support??

If you can't edit your post, add a new post under Feature Request; actually.

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Yeah I'm unable to edit it. I'll add it under Feature Requests.

Hey Irfan and Scott, We've just recently released (2.99) the "Scroll into view" control component method and it works for any component, while the former "Focus" component method only worked for Form components e.g. Input, Select etc.

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