Missed custom attibutes in JWT token from AWS cognito

Hi, I'm trying to build our admin operation portal with Retool.

I'm using the aws cognito by ' Access your server-side resources with a user pool' scenario. ( reference.

I succeed to get the JWT Token but I found that JWT token doesn't include the custom attributes I sent from Cognito app client settings.

I checked the app client setting in Cognito. But app client setting allows to read the custom attributes that I want. How can I fix it?

Hey @jinho.yoo!

I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, here are some questions that might help give useful context:

  • How are you fetching the JWT from within Retool?
  • Are you able to fetch the JWT outside of Retool and see your custom attributes?
  • Would you be willing to share redacted screenshots of any resource setups/queries you're running, or your AWS configuration? (This can be either here, in DMs, or by writing to us in your Retool instance)

Hey, @Kabirdas. Sorry. It was our fault. We sent the id token, not the access token to access API by mistake. We don't need to send custom attributes. Now resolved.

Got it, thanks for reporting back! :slightly_smiling_face: