Markdown for timeline component

it would be nice to have flexibility of text formatting within the timeline component.

for example, i want to show the date and time, with the month and day in bold:

Hi @trz-justin-dev, are you on Cloud or Self-hosted? The new version of the Timeline component looks a bit different. However, it's still not possible to add markdown. I'm happy to create the FR but when/if it gets traction, it would be released on the newer version.

hey @Paulo we're on cloud at the moment.

been keeping an eye on features exclusive to self-hosted in case it's worth switching, but we spent most of winter getting our infrastructure stable and really lean on all the beautiful reliability of retool cloud

Interesting, on cloud, the "Appearance" properties for the Timeline component I see are different than yours:

I do see the settings you have on my Self-hosted instance (v 3.33-stable):

@Paulo ohhhh okay i see what's going on. early-on in the app i renamed to "timeline" -- it's actually an Event List component :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

maybe it's time for another cup of coffee, but I don't see a "Timeline" component:

Retool version: v3.64.0-f40cccc (Build 179501)

That was totally on me! I was working on an org where we are currently testing the new component we are working on. I was clearly the one who needed another cup of coffee. :sweat_smile:

I'll leave the screenshot as a sneak peak. Although we don't have an estimate for the release date, I'll update you when we start taking requests to test the beta release.

On the other hand, I'll go ahead and create the FR for supporting markdown on the Event List.


Not sure if I can add to this or that i need to open a new post for a FR for the event list component. Markdown will be nice because we can add links to it and with deep linking we can browse to other pages of the app.

But I hope an action button will be added as well. So when you click on it you can display more data or open a modal or side pane. Or just simply perform an action. Like a simple “redo/undo” button would be possible then.

Do I need to open a separate FR for this?

Just to mention that the new timeline component is now live Introducing the new Timeline component