Mapping All Values in a Form with A Single Query

I have a form with about a dozen select components on it which I want to map to a single resource query.

I want to have the first select/dropdown choose the correct record from the query, and then have all the remaining select/dropdowns auto-fill based on their respective column values for the selected record.

I understand how to create individual queries but linking them all together like this is where I'm stuck. Should I use i to reference index and create a dynamic value in default value?

Here is the "selector" I want to use:

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Make the default item of the patient details look at the select component .selectedItem just make sure the "Value" of that item is the entire item (which it looks like you should be good).

Default value of Patient Details - First Name should be {{user_id.selectedItem.firstName}} and so on...

The real question is why use select components in those areas instead of text inputs?

Perfect. Exactly what I needed along with disabling all the components besides the selector.

And yes, it looks like text inputs were needed as well.