Mapbox Focus Zoom on GeoJson

I am using selectedrow via the table to populate geojson in combination with the Geojson setting "Focus Camera on GeoJson" set to true, so that the map automatically centers the viewport to that specific point. However the default zoom is too high and you have to unzoom manually to even see where geographically the point is. I tried to set the zoom value on the basic section to a value from the selectedrow but this did not work. Any ideas on how this might be posssible?

Hey @bryangateley, are you only working with one point at a time or multiple points? If multiple, is your main goal to have the map zoomed in enough to show all the points, or do you want the page zoomed out enough to show where the points are geographically?

I'm having a similar issue. To answer your question in my case, I'm using a single geospatial geometry that represents a parcel of land. the default for "Focus Camera on GeoJson" is too close to see the context of the site. I'd like to control the zoom so that it centres on the parcel, but zooms out a bit more than the default setting.