Making calls to module query through parent app via module::query format

Hello there!

I've created a module to report bugs and within that module I also added a query to track queries that fail in order to avoid repeating the query over and over in every other app. I wanted to see if this was posible.

However, there's something strange. Whenever I'm in the console the autocomplete shows me the content of the module queries like such: or module::query.error however if I press enter I get an error of unexpected ":" token

I was thinking on using module::query.trigger({additionalScope: {message: "Hello"}}) but it seems that it does not supports this format due to the colon or double one :

I've read other posts such as:
Trigger a module query from the parent app

But I don't think it will work neatly for me since it would be for several queries and only when they fail. So I was just wondering if the calls to the modules queries through this method works in some way that I might not be aware of or if it's something that it's on the works currently.

Hi @Carlos_Ortiz thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this is a bug that we need to fix; the :: syntax doesn't work even though it is suggested by the autocomplete.

The suggestion in the post that you linked (linked again here) is the current solution for triggering module queries from parent apps.