Magic variable undefined

Hi there,

I've seen this pop up in a couple places before but it seems like I'm having a similar error with no luck.

I'm trying to auth with a service account before hitting a graphQL endpoint, but the header variable that I'm setting in the auth step isn't making it's way to the graphQL step.

I'll attach some pictures of the process. I can see that the test response for the Auth call is returning the proper json object but the failed graphql response has undefined set for the header.

variable in graphql call
auth call setup

defining the variable
auth response
graphql response

Any help would be much appreciated.

To make this work you have to either:


In all cases the user is required to press a button, however.

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ah I see, I didn't realize that it requires a button to activate the flow and though it would just run on that query.

Appreciate the help!