Locked out of my account due to 2FA issue

Hi there,

I was experimenting yesterday with the 2FA feature on my account and managed to login successfully, but after I did this I decided that I didn't want to use the 2FA feature for my organization and disabled 2FA for the entire org. For some reason this didn't seem to save properly. I just now found out that 2FA is still enabled for the admin user on the account. My login expired, and since I deleted the account from my authenticator app on my mobile device, I'm now totally locked out of the admin account for my org.

Can someone from the staff help me?

Hi @jrobin1917!

Sorry you got caught up in this 2FA situation. Would you be able to send an email to support@retool.com with the emails of your impacted admin accounts? Once we have those we should be able to work through steps to get your access back to your org.

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