Loading Indicator for Table Event Handlers

Simple feature here for my first Show and Tell:

I have a few queries to fetch pdf data triggered from table row level actions that can take up to 5-10 seconds.

From the admin view, I can see queries in progress, but I recently realized standard users can't.

So this created a strange experience where a user would click a button to initiate an action and have zero feedback (for 5-10 seconds) that anything had occurred.

To address this I added a loading indicator to my table that un-hides when the associated queries are fetching to give the user some visual feedback.

Here are the settings:

Progress Bar Component: Check "Indeterminate"
Hidden: {{!query1.isFetching && !query2.isFetching .............}}



Nice! Previously you could opt in a loading indicator for end-users in query settings, however I couldn't find that option anymore.
Great alternative! Thanks for sharing :pray:

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