Listview does not show updated values from DB

  • Goal: Show updated values from Database in Listview after Update-Query and Get new values query in Textarea

  • Steps: Create Listview, populate textarea with values from database.
    Add a button to bulk update via primary the content of the textarea via script.

Update-Script is working, the values are written to the database.

Again, retrieve all values from database, but the listview still showing the previous text. Default of textarea is set to: {{item.textblock}}
(textblock is the column-name in db)


The query output also shows the new value "the new text", but on listview item still old text, it is not being updated.

However, Hovering with mouse over default value of the text area block shows the new text.

If i remove the default value and paste again the same {{item.textblock}}, the value is refreshed.

If i change the default value to {{[i]}} instead, it works.

If you simply add {{[i]}} as the default value at the onset it should work

Hi @ScottR,

yes it seems odd but actually the values still do not show up on the textarea.
The values are correct in the database and correct in the output of query1.

The hovering over default value which is {{[i]}} also shows the value. But it is not reflected in the textarea itself.

What I'm trying to achieve is to add text from a predefined set of textblocks to a textarea.

If the target textarea already contains some text (visually), then appending text works. If i do the same on an empty textarea, we see behaviour like above.

This is my script executed when click on "add text"

var wrapper = ;
var element = {}; = variable1.value; //this is the primary key in the database
element.textblock = [i] + '\n\n' + table1.selectedRow.textblock;
query2.trigger({additionalScope: {update_changeset : wrapper}});

The console log outputs the correct content.
Default value hovering shows correct content.
Database shows correct content.

However, textarea does not reflect it.

Hey @whynot,

Are you still running into this? I'm wondering if a hard refresh may fix this? If not, I'll try to reproduce this and file a report. Thanks!