Linking a Table to a Modal via an Action button but needs to apply a dynamic filter

I have a Table with an action button that links to a modal with a Get call in it. I would like to be able to pass over a filter for that get based on a field in the current row that I am on in the Table

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It looks correct in the approach to me but cannot see the entire param... - what's the issue...
You are opening an app in another tab and passing it a query param?

If you want to open a modal with said app in it, that's a different approach and probably doesn't require an action button. Additionally, are you using a legacy table?

Not using Legacy table. I am using the first application as an initial view of items, the I have a Modal app that has details of each item. The detail entries are linked to the main list via a Header Record Id that I try to or would like to try to pass through to the Modal application. There is a API fetch to the detail records source that needs a filter to get to the correct data to display.

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It looks like you'll need to update the body of your rest query in the second app to reference the dynamic url params: {{urlparams.nwFilter}}

Before you do that, the params work best as string values, so I'd change your event handler on the action button to use {{JSON.stringify({nwID: currentRow['Lot Header']})}}

In the second app, you can check the app state to ensure the params were set correctly: