Lambda Resource with mutiple environments


Im trying to wrap my head around using multiple environments with the lambda resource. Currently all of our lambdas are in the same account/region and are delineated by name. Ie stage-function1, prod-function1. Using what I see in the lambda resource editor, how would one go about using the multi environment setup with this?

In the app editor when working with the lambda how could I select a lambda from the list given different names and have the selection of environment for the app know how to change which lambda to call?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @petek157, great question!

I'm not sure of the answer but it looks like it could be possible since based on these docs you're able to grant granular access to Lambda functions.

I would try setting up two separate IAM users that correspond to stage/prod each with their respective permissions granted through AWS and then use the staging/production toggle in Retool to switch between which is being used to access the resource.

Can you let me know if that works?

Thanks, Thats the only possible solution that I could think of as well. If we go down that route, Ill certainly let yo know how it turns out.