Label/caption display issues on mobile

I've been getting complaints from my users - and observing it myself - that some components (in my case switches) have display issues with the associated text fields (label, caption). While everything shows nicely in the app editor, moving on to IRL phones, sometimes the caption doesn't show, sometimes the label doesn't show, sometimes we see only a single pixel of it, and each phone seems to have its own version of the issue - at least all switches behave in the same manner on the same phone.
My Galaxy S10e can display labels no problem, by my colleague's iPhone will only display the caption.

Trying a workaround using a text component plopped next to the switch, isn't a solution as these cause their own set of layout issues, as per:

I'm a bit at a loss on how to create something that will look as intended across different phone brands.

Hey @DocShades, tried this on a couple of phones (android and iPhone) and wasn't seeing the issues you described here. Can you share:

  1. Retool you are using to develop the apps
  2. What version of the mobile app you are using
  3. An app export so that we can take a look with the same setup that you have.


Hi JoeBumbaca, I've since then moved on to new layouts that somehow have kept my users happy and the displays correct so I no longer have an example for you. I wasn't going to stick around with a broken display, as you can certainly imagine.
As for points 1 and 2, I've used the Retool Mobile development environment using Edge as a browser so since it is cloud I can only assume it was up to date at all times. Similarly, I've kept the mobile app up to date so it was whatever version was on the Android app store at time of writing.