Keeps saying my column doesn't exist when it clearly does

Get rid of the id = part of the query - it should be formatted with just commas like the rest.

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Well, when it's created it duplicates another ID. So I was trying to make it where it adds a new ID.

Unfortunately, the SQL syntax does not support it that way.

If id is an autoincrement, you do not need to include id in the field list at all. Remove from both sides and you are good. Retool will return the id of the added record in the query's data field.

If not an autoincrement. do you have control of the backend? If so, make it an autoincrement field.

Otherwise, you will need to figure out what the next id value would be, add 1 and send that as the id like so:

// leadCount_query
Select max(id) as maxID from myTable

// insertLeadQuery
    onSuccess:function(data) {
        additionalScope: {
          newID: data.maxID + 1

// newLead
  cc_leads (