Join Tables and Save Data Changes

So, I think this would be a very common situation and hope to solve it as it's arising a lot.
Here is an example.
Data, production.status_id,,

Query1 - get production and status
FROM production as p
LEFT JOIN status as s
ON p.status_id =

Query2 - get status details
FROM status

Column1 -
Column2 - status_id
Column3 - status_name

Column3 is an editable "dropdown tag" with the mapped data set to Query2
Value = query2.status_id
Label = query2.status_name

The user can change the status_name and then save the changes.

The challenge is that I want to update the production.status_id in this case.

This works ok if the user actually changes Column3 but if they change Column4, for example, and save the changes, the value sent for Column3 is the status_name, not the status_id.
If they make a change to the status_name on Column3 is will then update the "value" to status_id as set in the dropdown.

I've been trying to work around this for many hours and tried many things, but I'm sure I'm missing an easy solution here.

Hopefully I've explained this clearly enough. Thanks again

Hey @jason3w! Definitely happy to help with this. Would it be possible for me to step into your app to take a look? If not, totally ok! I just don’t know if I’ve made the exact repro app

Hi Victoria.
This was the issue i alluded to on our call the other night.
I resolved by bringing in the status_id in the initial query, which gets rendered as the name by the Dropdown. So it's all working well now! :partying_face: