Jobs_runner does not start: db password problems

I would like to run Retool on Windows (WSL2 - Ubuntu 22.04.2). I've been running it successfully for the past two weeks. For some reasons I had to reinstall it so I followed again the instructions on Deploy Self-hosted Retool with Docker Compose | Retool Docs

Installation runs smoothly but when I start Retool the Job Runner container fails giving the error
Error running database migrations: SequelizeConnectionError: password authentication failed for user "retool_internal_user"

I did not change anything in the docker.env file, apart from the LICENCE_KEY.

Thank you!

I am also running into this issue, although not on windows! Fresh install seems to have password authentication issues from the latest docker container with "retool_internal_user".
Although in addition to OP, I also see these authentication issues for retool-postgres, retool-api, and retool-workflows-worker (various different errors all about authentication)

I've completely cleared everything and followed installation instructions again.

The more I dig into this, the more I suspect something is wrong with authentication on the most recently released containers. If anyone can successfully spin one up following the self host instructions, I'd love to hear it. Like theidleguest, I had this work in the past.

It turns out that the docker composes that are provided store things in /var/lib/docker/volumes. If anyone else is having issues spinning up new instances when they've already run retool self hosted in the past, this is a good culprit.

maybe @joeBumbaca or @francis12 can help?

@jacob did you find a solution?

@theidleguest I found the volumes docker-compose.yml and cleared these in /var/lib/docker/volumes. I'm not sure where this is on WSL but worth a try! I think self hosted installations can be misleading because they appear to provide all files locally, but really they save some in volumes unless you modify the compose file.

Not sure if this is your problem, but worth a shot!

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Thanks, @jacob
Unfortunately, it did notwork for me.
I am quitting Retool, can't really find a solution.


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@theidleguest When you run the install script (./install) and new randomly generated password is created for the postgres user. It's likely a similar issue to what @jacob encountered where the new credentials are being used to access the old postgres instance that was created in your initial install. Can you remove all of the docker volumes and try the install again?

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That worked, @joeBumbaca
I had to completely empty the /var/lib/docker/volume folder of WSL for the installation to work. Thanks for heads-up to @jacob!

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