I've added a Python Library but it can't find it in my block code

Hi there, I've added a Python Library to my workflow, but when I try to import it, but it never finds it.

import crewai

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
All my best,

Hi Tati, how are you adding your Python Library to the workflow? Is there confirmation of the library being successfully installed?

Edit: I tested the library out, and it looks like it can be installed, but there is an error with the use of it since it requires sqlite3.

Hi @tanay-retool! I had the exactly same thing. Thanks for confirming my steps.

  1. I successfully installed the library
  2. Got the sqlite3 error while trying to "import crewai"

Looking forward to a fix :slight_smile:

Hi @TatiSan :wave:

I just wanted to let you know we've submitted a ticket to get our version of sqlite3 updated. I'll check back in with updates as they come!