Issues trying to hide a component based on a value, not sure why this isn't working

I have a tabbed container called tabbedcontainer2.

I then have a query that runs to get details on a record.

If I add a text field to the form, and add {{}} it shows 300 which is correct, as the foxyflow_planalyzer field in the database has the numeric value of 300.

I want the tabbedcontainer2 to be hidden when {{}} is NOT equal to 300 but I can't seem to get it to work.

I was using ChatGPT which is adamant it should be {{ !== 300}}

But that hides it 100% of the time. Even if I remove the ! it always evaluates to true.

I'm just confused, since as mentioned if I drop {{} into a text field, it shows 300 as the value, but no matter what I do it hides the tabbedcontainer. I've even tried changing the formula to be 200, as well as changing the value in the database, but the component always remains hidden.

The operator for not equal is !=, not !==. I agree this is not intuitive if equals is === (whew read that aloud to a non-programmer!)

And for some reason I have not bothered to dig into, sometimes {{! === 300}} works when {{ != 300}} doesn't.

Edit: Actually I am not entirely right. !== does exist, but I have never seen it used.

Begs the question: Is your value 300 or "300"?

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+1 to the above and more on strict inequality (!==) here!