Simple Confusion - boolean in ternary operator in query api call

I've used ternary operators in other values in my query call such as:

{{! ? ( : ""}}

but i'm now trying to send out either a true or false value as follows:

{{! ? true : false }

I've tried variations with putting the true and false statements in double curly brackets, as strings, as numeric 0 and 1 but I keep receiving an error:

invalid boolean input

I read that as if the is false then the result is true

If I am reading your post correctly you would want
{{ == '' ? true : false }}

yes, if time_entry_form is null or empty then i want this key to be true. the negation with ! works on other values and it seems it is the true and false expressions which are not translating well. I'll give this variation a try though!

Yup - same error.

And interestingly, when i run this through post man the use of plain old 'false' (without quotes of course) works. I think its the conversion of this boolean into text by retool. maybe I am incorrectly using Form Data as my body type (i use the same in postman though)

just changed to JSON and that fixed it. no idea why :slight_smile: