Issues integrating with google drive

Hi i got retool self host and want to integrate with google drive, i followed this tutorial:

but im getting this error:

You are receiving this error either because your input OAuth2 scope name is invalid or it refers to a newer scope that is outside the domain of this legacy API. This API was built at a time when the scope name format was not yet standardized. This is no longer the case and all valid scope names (both old and new) are catalogued at OAuth 2.0 Scopes for Google APIs  |  Authorization  |  Google for Developers. Use that webpage to lookup (manually) the scope name associated with the API you are trying to call and use it to craft your OAuth2 request.

correction i got the base url wrong using old api it should be

i had v2

but i got this issue

when i click a file .png image but it works with a regular doc in word

and its my own google drive