Issue with updating calendar event times in firestore

I've been working on an app where community managers can input events using the prebuilt calendar module and adjust their times, these events will be added to our firestore database and displayed to other devices using our backend. However when changing the times of the events by dragging the event duration down or moving it to an entirely different time slot the fields of the change and lose the _id field which I need to reference in my looping query to update the documents in firebase. I've been trying to find a way to work around to this but since the calendar seems to lack a property holding a record of changes I'm not quite sure what to do.
The process I currently have is as follows:
User drags an event up or down the time axis to adjust event duration or moves the event entirely and they select yes on the dialog:

A JS query that loops through all objects in the array and passes data to another query that runs for each object

The result in firebase is that an object with a null _id property is created, and the targeted event's fields remain the same as they were:

Before trying to change an events time, the objects in the array follow the firebase schema:

After interacting with the calendar and changing a timeframe, the schema changes:

I'm not sure where to go from here since as it is right now, there's no way to properly update the documents. The array loses the field needed to reference document id's in firestore upon making any changes to the time, so it seems to always be creating a new object in the collection with no document id.

Hi @Brycejacobrichards,

Thanks for flagging this. We currently have a ticket open with a potential fix for your issue. Will post here when there's an update!

We've recently pushed a change that allows for custom properties to persist when updating calendar events! Hopefully this lets you do what you're looking for.