Issue with the content of a variable in a GraphQL request

We have a GraphQL query where send information to our API.

This are the variables that the query sent as copied from the logs:

graphQLVariables: {request: "descargar plantilla cliente {aquashield}", environment: "API"}
additionalScope: {}
triggeredById: ""environment: "production"

The problem is that on our side, instead of receiving the original request variable value: "descargar plantilla cliente {aquashield}", we just receive " {aquashield}".

I think the problem could be related to the use of the brackets {} inside the text. If that's the case, how could we avoid the issue?


Juan Pablo Perez

For anyone who could be interested.

I have changed the way the value is populated with:

{{ `${botRequestTable.selectedRow.commands[0]} ${botRequestParameters?.value ? "{" + botRequestParameters.value + "}" : ""}` }}

And, even though, the obtained result is the same as before, it works now.