How to use variable within variable

I searched the forum and the documentation, I didn't find anything that could use a variable within a variable, but I found a solution to my problem, but it is complex and that's why I would like if it is possible to use a variable within a variable.

As in the photo below

But I wanted to use it simpler in this sense, is it possible?

Hello, just the outer {{ }} curly brackets are needed.

You can do:
{{ table1.recordUpdates[table1.selectedRow.index].grupo_participante_total }}

Here is a post that may be helpful
When to use double curly brackets

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I had done it this way then I got this error, I don't know why, is there a way to solve it?

Being able to find out where I was going wrong, as I'm using a data change function, I needed to change it first to be able to pass the reference