Is there a way to upload large blocks of data using a SQL query without encountering timeouts

I am trying to create a sql query that can upload data into my tables from an excel sheet. I am fine with small amounts of data (eg 100 rows), but when I do bulk uploads (eg 1000 rows) I receive errors and then the smaller uploads stop working for a short period of time. Any idea why uploads stop working after I receive a timeout error? First image is the timeout error, second is when I try a smaller upload again

Hey @charliedarby :wave:

I'm curious if this is a matter of the query timing out in Retool while it's still running in your DB. If you get the timeout error have you tried waiting to see if the smaller queries start working again after a longer period without doing anything else?

Hi there, I have the same issue right now. When I upload Less than 100 rows of data. It won't have a problem but when I upload 300 rows of data, the retool database timesout or if not, its going to take atleast 15 hours to upload. Do you have any possible solution in the past for this type of issue?Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @Jdellosa, welcome to the forum! :wave:
Have you explored Workflows yet? We could create one to run this automatically instead of manually. Check this thread were we built something very similar.