Is It Possible to Create a Trigger in Retool for My DB in MariaDB?

is it possible to create a trigger in retool for my DB in mariaDB?
after that i want to save the sql trigger results in a retool table (retool uses postgresql).
i have a table in retool DB.

Just to be clear:
You want to run a query against your mariaDB and then save the data in Retool?

Did you try it? Are you running into problems?
You might need to disable prepared statements in the resource settings.

actually it is not a classical query, it is trigger, which has a function to check the changes in determined table, then take the changes to assigned table.

i can run that trigger in my db and save the changes assigned table. but i do not want to make more busy my db, because of that reason i thought i may use retool.

in retool i tried it, but the table, in retool i created, has nothing when i change something. on the contrary it works in my db, when i run it in my db.

Not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. You want a trigger in your MariaDB database to write records in the Retool (Postgres) database when changes are made in your MariaDB database/table?