Invalid doc link in [Container and form components for web apps]

I am not sure if this is the right place to report this bug.

In this documentation - Container and form components for web apps | Retool Docs,

When you click List View, it leads me to the main page of components Retool Component Library: The best React component library is in Retool

because this refers to the old link \

not the updated one \

Thanks @Max ! Really appreciate you raising this - surfaced to our Docs team and this should get updated to the correct link soon.

For doc feedback in general, you can also use this "Was this page helpful" mechanism on the bottom of our docs pages! The team reviews things submitted there regularly. A post here in the forum also works, but using the below Yes/No button and then filling out additional comments will be even more direct into the hands of the Docs team :slight_smile:

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