Bad redirect in "View docs" button in mapped options for Tags in a table

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 12.54.58
this button redirects to this link

which are obviously not the docs. please fix


@dio thanks for surfacing! Can you confirm which component you're using where this happens? On the latest version of Cloud-hosted Retool, I wasn't able to reproduce when using a Select component. In that case the correct doc link shows up on hover:

But maybe a different, specific component would reproduce what you're seeing, or a different version (if you're on self hosted)?

@dio a teammate of mine was able to reproduce this with the Table(V2) component > Tags > Mapped Options! We've raised it to the eng team who've already put up a pull request to fix it. This should be fixed in an upcoming Retool Cloud release in the next week or so. Thanks for the report and for your patience :slight_smile:

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