Integrating CK editor into a retool app

I (Non-tech PM) am with the help of a dev, trying to replicate our internal panel in retool. For the most part I can see that it will work and have been able to replicate quite a bit of it already.

There are 2 things that I have not found any information on:

  1. CRON generator - Is there any way i can directly integrate some cron generator into my retool app. For now I have just provided a link to a third party website and given in put field to put the CRON expression

  2. CK editor - We use CK editor to create notification templates for our notification service. Although we havent really tried anything to integrate CK editor into retool, I have not found any resources suggesting that this has been done before

I would greatly appreciate any help for the above 2 queries.

Hello @Ritik_Garg ,

Thank you for your question.

  1. CRON Generator: Retool doesn't natively support a direct integration with CRON generators. One workaround you could use is to link to a third-party CRON generator and provide an input field (like a TextInput component) for the CRON expression in your Retool app. You might also find Retool's scheduling utility helpful, which allows you to set up tasks that Retool can run on a regular schedule, similar to a cron job.
  2. CK Editor: Retool doesn't currently offer a direct integration with CKEditor. For rich text editing, Retool provides a Text Area component that supports Markdown. So if Markdown can meet your requirements, you could replace CKEditor with the Text Area component. If CKEditor integration is essential to your app, you could try using an iframe component and embed the CKEditor within it. Please note that this could introduce complexities in terms of synchronizing the data between the CKEditor instance and your Retool components. Alternatively, Retool's custom component feature allows you to bring in external JavaScript libraries to potentially integrate CKEditor into your app, but it may require some coding and could require support from a developer.

Hopefully this context will help you move forward with your project.