Inspect auth verification endpoint requests/responses

When setting up an auth verification endpoint on a resource, it can be difficult to trace the source of an unexpected non-success response, as the raw request is obfuscated behind checkQueryAuth in developer tools -> network, and the only feedback displayed in the console is this:
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 12.46.03 PM

Ideally, I'd love for the "Auth modal will appear" message to include a way to inspect both the the raw request / response, or at least the response's error code + response body, so a user can easily determine (from within Retool) whether an authentication failure is due to a malformed request, an API error, or a legitimate missing credential.


Hi @isaacfender!

Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're aware of how hard it is to debug issues with resource authentication in the product, and have some improvements slated for work in the coming months. I'll circle back with more updates as we get started.

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