A way to access a log of REST API queries sent (request/response)

I'm building an app that uses a set of REST APIs.
I've got responses with errors but I don't quite understand why. I can't reproduce when I send what I think is equivalent in a Postman request.

Is there a way to find a log of the actual HTTP calls done (with request/response headers, bodies etc)?

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Check out this doc and here

Thanks, I'm aware of those pages, but that doesn't answer the question.

I know I can debug (console etc), but that doesn't list the actual underlying REST calls being made, only the higher-level query wrappers in the app. Which (as far as I can tell) don't give me access to that data.

OK got it. So perhaps posting the query and responses from both Postman and Retool as screenshots and some data, it may help myself or someone understand more about your problem and get to a solution quickly.

I'm not after a solution to a specific issue (I figured that one out). I'm after a generic method for the future when issues like this occur again...

Hi @wabiloo

For troubleshooting APIs, usually I'll preview the API request & check out the API request tab that comes up:

Is that what you're looking for?

We're working on creating additional ways for troubleshooting APIs with custom authentication, so hopefully more to come this year!