Indexing of Log Output for Self Hosted Kubernetes Deployment


I have deployed Retool to kubernetes using your provided helm charts. However the logging that the pods generate is causing a few issues in the ES index I am sending them to.

Basically the message field in the logs is sometimes structured as an object. So message.Memory Stats for container.freeSystemMemory or message.Memory Stats for process.percentageHeapUsed for example. But in other logs its just a String.

The ES index is having issues because the field is arriving and being identified as different types.

As a bandaid I have disabled logging with the environment variable LOG_LEVEL: "OFF" but I am hoping there is a way to remove the JSON encoding from the logs and just output "plain" logs.

Hey @luke2! Unfortunately, right now there are no configuration options for the logging. I have submitted an internal ticket to track this request, and can update you as I get any additional in information.