Debug logs for failed queries

I have an elasticsearch resource that works when developing locally on my laptop but produces query timeouts when running on our deployed instance. Is it possible to enable debug logs to see what query is being sent and to what endpoint?

What other log configuration is possible? (like enabling json log format or disabling memory statistic log messages).


Hey @erikS – thanks for reaching out. I’m assuming you are talking about an on-prem instance right?

Are any queries working for this Elasticsearch resource or are they all timing out? This could be a config or networking issue if you cannot get any queries to product a result.

Also, you can try add the environment variable DEBUG=1 to your docker.env file (or similar place where you control environment variables for your deployment) to show verbose logging and then run run docker-compose logs -f api to see the requests being made. I’m not sure how much additional info this will show for Elasticsearch but let me know if it helps!

It is for on-prem. I figured out my issue (it was a networking problem), but my logging question still stands. Can I configure logging to effect:

  • format (json is preferred for our log aggregation)
  • verbosity (both decreasing - the memory stats aren’t particularly useful to me)

thanks for the response.

Glad you sorted out the networking issue!

What version of Retool are you running? The backend logs should be in JSON format, so you can connect them to a service like Datadog or CloudWatch.

We don’t have a flag yet for turning off the memory and CPU stats, but this has been requested a few times before. I’ll let you know here when we ship something for this!

Hey @erikS if you add the environment variable DISABLE_MEMORY_AND_CPU_USAGE_LOGGING=true to your docker.env file it will turn off the CPU and memory usage stats in the logs :tada:

You will also have to update to the latest version of Retool, 2.59.4.