Include full rows in changeset array not working

After much searching I found that there is an option to include full rows in the changeset array, for use when updating. I have a table with a join sql query as a data source. In that case, the option only returns the primary key. When I don't use the option, the changeset returns the changed data plus the primary key as expected. I need the full data row to update my database.
To reproduce:

  • create a database table A with fields c, d, e
  • create a database table B with fields d, f
  • create an app with a table with the datasource as an sql query: select A.c, A.d, A.e, B.f from A left join B on A.d = B.d
  • under the settings of Interaction, set Include full rows in changeset array to on
  • add a save action with a query trigger to update the database
  • update table A with primary key c
  • when inspecting changeset array, only the primary key (of the table in the app) is present for the changed rows

Hey @Tom_Cornelis! I've been trying to reproduce this and I may have just done so, but am not entirely sure it's the same as the issue you're reporting so I want to double check :slight_smile:

We only generate a changesetArray when the Table has a primary key column configured. If the user configures a primary key column with an active changeset, we should either compute a new changesetArray or reset both changesets, but currently, we don't.

Does that sound like the issue you're running into? If so, the internal bug report has already been created and I'll follow up in this thread with any updates!