Can anyone see why the following isn't working?

The resulting list of 4 digit numbers is the correct list of selected events in the table, however no rows are returned from the query.

Without the text from the AND in the WHERE clause correctly returns all the records.

Can anyone help?

Hi @jclutterbuck,

Happy to help you out here :smiley: hmm that's an interesting query! Can you send me a screenshot of the query when it does work? I'll try to decipher between the two

Thanks @Pawan

Here is a screenshot of it working (as described - without the AND part in the WHERE clause:

The query returns 4 rows, one for each of the events (rows) in the table "SelectEvents".

At the moment I am adding an AND clause that matches the first selected row in the table using '=' and [0]:

AND PrintEvents.EventID = {{[0].EventID}}

I previously asked for help (which was great) about a similar use of 'IN' and was told about the use of String_split to make a comma separated version which is the expected format. But I've tried without the string_split and I've tried using a transfomer to filter results that were only selected in the table but I ran into problems (I think it didn't recognise the reference to the table SelectedEvents so perhaps it was out of scope?).

Your help, greatly appreciated as always.


Hi @jclutterbuck

Could it be that the syntax may work instead as

AND dbo.PrintEvents.EventID =

Doesn't really make any difference. I really want to use IN or something equivalent, to be able to select multiple events.




In your string split at the end you have ", try using ' instead, so it's ','

Sorry @nicholas

That doesn't seem to make any difference either.


Hey there @jclutterbuck :wave:

I actually think you're looking to do something like this:

I referenced this doc for that

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This problem plagued me for so long! Thank you for solving it!