Importing webapp to the mobile app

Just wondering if there are plans so we can export our current webapp canvass to the mobile version of retool.


Hey @ggwp! There aren't currently any plans to convert web apps to mobile apps as the components and app layouts are not built to be 100% transferable. I created an internal feature request for this :+1:

If you're interested, you can build web apps that have mobile layouts! Though to clarify, they're still not necessarily mobile apps. They just have a mobile layout:

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Hi Victoria,

Thanks very much for the update. That is currently what we are doing, the only downsize in the mobile layout through webapps is that we want to have the layout to be full screen so as to restrict users from exiting/minimizing the webapps.



Bear in mind that Retool Mobile only has a limited set of components available. Just turning any webapp into a Mobile app might make it useless as you might be missing components (eg tables) or that it will look very ugly.

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