Ignore errors in one block

I have a workflow, where in one step I make a rest api call that can result in a 404 if there's no existing record. If this is the case there's no problem, I have it set to "continue" on errors, it just affects what i do in some following steps.

My issue is if I add a global error handler block to catch and log out errors in other blocks, it's also catching this 404 and not continuing to run the rest of the flow.

Is there a way to get global handler to ignore continue blocks?

Hi @Phil_Douglas Could you solve this by adding retries?

The issue is the retry will have the same result. The record doesnt exist.

Users can manually enter an id number in one field of a form that triggers my workflow via webhook. I look up the record referenced from a rest api in one step, but if the user gets their entry wrong this will be a 404. This is not a breaking error and the rest of the flow should continue as normal.

For now the only workaround I've found is to put this rest call in a loop of one, and add try/catch in the handler that calls the lambda. There's currently no way i can see to "catch" for a single step.